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INTRODUCING: Debut Author Amy Fellner Dominy

About the Book:
Jewish Girl.  Christian Camp.  Holy Moly. 
Walker & Company, May 10, 2011

Ellie Taylor arrives at the Christian Society Speech & Performing Arts camp and she can win it all: a scholarship to high school, a chance to compete on the best speech team in the state, and Devon--the insanely hot guy who's also her hottest competition.  There's just one problem:  she to hide the face that she's Jewish or risk losing it all.  


What made you decide to be a writer? 

I've always loved to write and tell stories.  I knew I wanted to write for a job, but I never considered being an author -- not enough job security! So I got a job as an advertising copywriter and wrote TV commercials and print ads for many years.  It was fun, too, but I found myself wanting to express my creativity.  I just wasn't sure how.  So I went back to college and got my MFA with an emphasis in playwriting.  Playwriting shifted to novel writing and here I am! 

Favorite books/authors? 

All time favs:  Are You There God It's Me Margaret, Judy Blume • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin • Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien.  I still love Call of the Wild, Little Women, and Jane Eyre. Current Guilty Pleasure:  the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. 

Morning person or night owl? 
Morningish -- just not too early. 

PC or Mac?
Mac -- from way before it was cool to have one. 

What did you have for dinner today?
Lamb gyro, tomatoes, onions, blueberries and a ginormous chocolate chip cookie

Share 11 random things about yourself
1. As a kid, I couldn't fall asleep until I'd brushed my teeth twice. 
2. I've ripped out the pages in my old diaries that make me blush.
3. I'm a bad loser. 
4. I'm claustrophobic. 
5. I hate to shop but I love to buy shoes. 
6. I played cymbals in the marching band at college.
7. I talk to myself out loud while I'm writing. 
8. I'd rather have an apple fritter than a piece of chocolate.
9. I have extra bones in my feet.
10. I've been married for twenty-two years.
11. I can count to three in five languages 
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