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Introducing 2011 Debut Author Terry Lynn Johnson

Terry Lynn Johnson
Dogsled Dreams, 4RV Publishing LLC, January 2011

Twelve year old Rebecca dreams of becoming a famous sled dog racer.  But freezing blizzards, dangerous beavers, flying poo missiles, and her own fears all stand in her way.

Your website address www.terrylynnjohnson.com
Your blog http://terrylynnjohnson.blogspot.com

 What made you decide to be a writer? I've always wanted to, but that got put on hold for a while when life happened. Two years ago I enrolled in a writing course and, with a little prodding, Dogsled Dreams poured out of me.

Favorite books/authors? Cold Nights, Fast Trails by Dave Oleson spoke to me when I first started mushing. He captured the special relationship between the dogs and driver. If my book can make people see dogsledding with even a part of that magic, then I've succeeded.

Morning person or a night owl? I'm a constantly changing being. One day morning, the next, afternoon.

PC or mac? PC

What did you have for dinner today? Moose meat chilli
Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

1. I once chased a bear with a chainsaw. And I was wearing nothing but shoes at the time. (ironically, the time I almost died was minding my own business in my tent when this moose came along...)

2. I secretly wish I was a dancer and could move like the kids on If You Think You Can Dance Canada

3. One of my deceased sled dogs talks to me sometimes in my dreams. Yes - a little creepy, but you asked.

4. We got our first computer just two years ago and we only get one TV channel.

5. My man and I have won gold medals in canoe racing.

6. I'm afraid of turtles.

7. I'm the first female in Ontario to work in the Lake Unit.

8. I can point my big toes up or down independent of the other toes.

9. When I was young my favorite game was pretending I was Tarzan.

10. I hate peanut butter with complete passion, but when left alone in a room with peanut butter fudge, I will nibble around the offensive parts and then blame it on the dog.

11. My man tells random strangers we meet that I'm a published author and it gives me warm, soupy feelings every time.

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