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Introducing: 2011 Debut Author Beth Revis

Beth Revis

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, Razorbill/Penguin Spring 2011

Synopsis: Amy is part of a cryogenically frozen cargo on a space ship heading to a new planet. When she wakes up 50 years before the ship's due to land, however, she must adapt to life on board a space ship and figure out who's unplugging--and thereby killing--the other frozens.  Essentially, it's Agatha Christie's space!


What made you decide to be a writer?  I've always enjoyed writing. Always. 

Favorite books/authors? CS Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia are, hands down, my fav books of all time. They taught me that books can be magic. JK Rowling added to that, and reminded me of magic later, when I was older. Robin McKinley's The Hero and the Crown has some of the best writing ever.

Morning person or a night owl? Both. It's the in-between time that kills, me, from about 2pm to 7pm.

PC or mac? Mac, all the way. I'm such a fan girl. Thought not for the iPad.

What did you have for dinner today? Broccoli and cheese soup and a salad from Quizno's. Love it.
Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

  1. One of my thumbs is shorter and fatter than the other. It was broken when I was a kid and grew back funny.
  2. When I babysat children, I used to tell them that was a "witch's thumb" and meant that I could use magic on them if they didn't behave.
  3. That was actually really effective.
  4. I'm currently a high school world literature teacher.
  5. I love teaching Oedipus Rex in part because 16-year-olds' reactions to it are HILARIOUS.
  6. I am sometimes sad because Firefly got canceled.
  7. I cried when Sirius died, when Aerin got sick, when David Tennant's Doctor Who changed, and when Wash was a leaf on the wind.
  8. I almost never cry, though, really.
  9. I love to travel. My favorite places? Great Britain, Malta, and NY.
  10. It's my secret goal whenever I travel to make people think I'm a local.
  11. I have a black Lab that I named Sirius. It took my husband almost a year to figure out who I named him after.
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