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Introducing 2011 Debut Author: Scott Tracey

Name:  Scott Tracey
Book Title: WITCH EYES
Publisher:  Flux
Release Date:  Summer 2011


A deadly supernatural feud divides the town of Belle Dam, Washington.  The powers of magic have flowed down into two lines, two families who have never had peace between them.  And Belle Dam has flourished. 

In the search for secrets from his past, seventeen-year-old Braden returns here after abandoning the only family he’s ever known.  It's one thing to deal with being gay, but its quite another to grow up as a freak.  The risk is great – his eyes must always remain covered, and the slightest slip could put his life in danger.  ‘Witch eyes’ his uncle calls them.  A birthright that makes his magic exceptional, but is killing him a little more each time he draws upon it.  He is immediately drawn between the two rival witch dynasties, each of whom hope to use him to end the feud once and for all. His life gets even more complicated when the one guy he's interested in turns out to be the only guy in town he can't have.

What made you decide to be a writer?

When I was four or five, I thought the only way you could be a writer was to be a newspaper reporter.  I thought all the book-writing jobs had been gone forever.  When I found out you actually could write your own stories, I was hooked.

Favorite books/authors?

L.J. Smith, Suzanne Collins, Cassie Clare, Jim Butcher, Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Rice and David Levithan

Morning person or a night owl?

Oh, definitely a night owl.

PC or mac?


What did you have for dinner today?

Well, last night I had chicken and dumplings and a biscuit left over from lunch at Cracker barrel.  And water.

Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

1.  I have an office/library specifically for writing.  But instead I write in my living room.
2.  Cleaning is my coping mechanism.  When things get bad, I scrub the toilet.
3.  I love cantaloupe.
4.  I go on a walk every day, but only after midnight.
5.  Buffy and Angel can get me through almost any crisis.
6.  I drink way too much coffee when I write.
7.  I dream of moving to Portland, Oregon.
8.  I’m not a cat person.
9.  I ran away from home when I was four.  I got to the end of the block and got tired.
10.  I only eat pork products once a year, if that.
11.  I hate coming up with random things about myself.  I like to be prepared in advance.

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