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Introducing 2011 Debut Author Tami Lewis Brown

Name: Tami Lewis Brown
2011 Book Title and Publisher: THE MAP OF ME Farrar, Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers

 Synopsis: Momma's love of collectible poultry- rooster pot holders, chick'n lick'n magnets, even a limited edition Henny Penny Coin Canister has gone from homemaking hobby to weird obsession.
When Momma turns up missing, twelve-year-old Margie Tempest knows where to find her- at the Rooster Romp and International Poultry Hall of Fame, in Flench, Kentucky.
And how to haul her back home... back to reality.
Margie and her little sister Peep "borrow" Daddy's Faithful Ford and set off on a death defying road trip, circling the hills of Kentucky, searching for Momma, but finding themselves.

Website address: www.TamiLewisBrown.com
Twitter handle and Facebook address:
Twitter is tamilewisbrown and Facebook is www.facebook.com/TamiLewisBrown

What made you decide to be a writer?  I came to writing the long way around. As a kid, I’d never met someone who wrote books and never considered being a writer as a possible career. I went to law school and became a trial lawyer and a partner at a law firm, but my creative side called out for something more. I quit my law practice and began writing for children, and in 2004 I enrolled in Vermont College’s MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program. The rest is, as they say, history.

Favorite books/authors? Roald Dahl is my all time favorite. I also love Carolyn Coman, Kathi Appelt, Norma Fox Mazer, M. T. Anderson, Katherine Paterson… there’s no way I could ever make a list that includes all my favorites.

Morning person or a night owl? Night Owl

PC or mac? Mac right now but I go both ways!

What did you have for dinner today? Conversation hearts. Hey, it’s Valentines Day.
Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

1)     I’m an airplane pilot and my first picture book, SOAR, ELINOR!, the biography of girl aviatrix Elinor Smith, will be published by FSG this fall. I can’t wait!

2)     I grew up on a horse farm in Kentucky where we raised and showed Morgan horses.

3)     I live in the oldest house in Georgetown, in Washington D.C. As far as I know it’s not haunted.

4)     The mother in my novel ONE SHINY SILVER KEY is obsessed with chicken collectibles. I confess I’m partial to poultry myself.

5)     My dog is named Murphy Brown. She had that name before we adopted her and we knew right away she was a meant to be part of our family.

6)     My favorite place is Vermont, on the shore of Lake Champlain. Or Paris. Or the Cotswolds. Or Tuscany. Or…

7)     I love to throw parties and almost always have one (or two) in the works.

8)     I do not know how to balance a checkbook. Thank goodness for my husband.

9)     The first book I ever read was Go Dog Go. I still like those hats.

10)   I know I’m writing “in the zone” when my characters make me cry.

11)   I love convertibles- especially red ones. And no, I never drive over the speed limit(!)


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