Bettina Restrepo (naughtybett) wrote in 2011debuts,
Bettina Restrepo

The Illegal Blogger Tour

Welcome to 30 days of Illegal! 
Illegal Cover

I've worked hard to get 30 different bloggers with fresh and innovative content.  Come play along (you've got 2 minutes, right?) and follow the conversation.

Commenters get entered into a drawing for (drum roll please.... now doing the Vanna White hand extend toward wonder prize)

A real, signed by the author (not my dog) copy fresh from the presses, 1st edition copy of ILLEGAL!  (could be worth a bazillion dollars)

Don't you want to do something Illegal today?

The host blogs on week #1 are:
2/17/201Angie SmibertAngieThe Tale of Two Nora's... and a cell phone 
2/18/2011Reading In ColorAri From the multicultural perspective - Interview 
2/22/2011I am a reader, not a writerKathy Silliness abounds 
2/23/2011Chick Loves LitShanynOkay, now we get semi-serious about Illegal 
2/24/2011Amaterasu ReadsKaiBettina interviews an International blogger about her immigration views! 

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