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Introducing: 2011 debut author Clete Barrett Smith


Clete Barrett Smith

2011 Book Title, Publisher, Release Date (if known)

Aliens on Vacation
Disney-Hyperion Books for Children. May 3rd.

Your book's synopsis.

When 12-year-old Scrub Elliott goes to work for his grandma in rural Washington state for the summer, he learns that her bed-and-breakfast is actually an undercover operation that aliens use to vacation on Earth.

Your website address

Your Twitter handle and Facebook address, if you have one!/clete.smith

What made you decide to be a writer?

As a kid, I never wanted my favorite books to end.

Favorite books/authors?

My favorite author as a kid was Roald Dahl. His stories felt so subversive at the time (probably because the adult characters were all such terrible people. And morons, to boot.) Currently I really like Nancy Farmer, M.T. Anderson and Pete Hautman for kidlit. When I'm reading comics, I like Robert Kirkman, Grant Morrison and Rick Geary.

Morning person or a night owl?

Both! (I don't sleep much.)

PC or mac?


What did you have for dinner today?

Creamy potato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

My 4-year-old daughter told me this morning that she loved me more than she loved our dog. (She immediately took it back five minutes later when our dog woke up and wanted to cuddle.)

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

I have taught high school English, Drama and Speech for 12 years.

I got married in the Cayman Islands.

My middle-school-aged daughter wants to be Kristen Wiig when she grows up. (Does the fact that I'm so proud make me a terrible father?)

I recently graduated from the MFA program in writing for kids at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

I am not afraid of the dark (however, I am quite afraid of all the creepy things that are very likely lurking about in the dark).

I shoplifted a pack of Mentos one time in middle school and still feel terrible about it.

Bookworm credentials: When a family friend gave me the Chronicles of Narnia, I faked a major illness so I could stay home from second grade for a week and read the entire series.

I like to play the guitar and sing, but I'm pretty terrible at both.

I'm pretty excited for 2011 to get here so I can read all of these great books!
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