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Name: Alexa Martin
2011 Book Title: GIRL WONDER
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: May 3, 2011

Desperate to escape the mediocrity of her third-rate classes, seventeen-year-old Charlotte Locke joins her new school's elite debate team, where her heart is quickly captivated by Neal Fitzpatrick, the team's captain extraordinaire. Even better than being in Neal's orbit, however, is Charlotte's debate partnership with Amanda Munger--aka Girl Wonder. Bold and sophisticated, as whip-smart as she is wild, Amanda pulls Charlotte out of her mundane existence into a more daring and glamorous world. Unfortunately, no amount of charm can mask the heart of a viper, and on the night when Charlotte needs her new best friend the most, the real Amanda strikes. Fighting her way through the fallout, Charlotte has no one to turn to except an obnoxious neighbor, a quirky boy with a passion for hunting wild mushrooms and a talent for pushing her buttons.

Website address: coming soon!
Facebook address:

What made you decide to be a writer?
A professor in college once told our creative writing class that we would only become writers if there was absolutely nothing else we could do. For a long time I didn't want to be a writer. Writers were tortured souls, right? I had bigger plans. I wanted to be a mountain guide. But when my climbing dreams were dashed by a knee injury, I realized that maybe writing wasn't something I had a choice about. Other than climbing mountains (and now long-distance trail running) writing is the one thing that seems to still my inner restlessness.

Favorite books/authors?
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks--E. Lockhart, How I Live Now--Meg Rosoff, Skellig--David Almond, The Truth About Forever--Sarah Dessen, Tell Me a Secret--Holly Cupala, Speak--Laurie Halse Anderson, Dairy Queen--Catherine Murdock, A Solitary Blue--Cynthia Voigt, A Separate Peace--John Knowles, Story of a Girl--Sara Zarr, Nine Stories--J.D. Salinger, Watership Down--Richard Adams, Into the Wild--Jon Krakaur, The Boys of My Youth--Jo Ann Beard, Jane Eyre--Charlotte Bronte, David Copperfield--Charles Dickens, This Boy's Life--Tobias Wolff, The Lost Legends of New Jersey--Frederick Reiken, Dracula--Bram Stoker, The Magus--John Fowles... and the list goes on and on.

Morning person or a night owl?
I SO want to be a morning person. It seems like such a noble thing to be. And really, I do love the mornings...I just hate waking up early. However I've always felt a connection to the night, especially if I'm outside. There's something very "liquid" about the darkness.

PC or mac?
Mac, baby! With cheese.

What did you have for dinner today?
My lunch consisted of a piece of pound cake my mother made, mixed with almond-flavored buttercream icing, and a bunch of raspberries... all of this mashed together five-year-old style! I'm usually pretty healthy but c'mon... cake rocks!

Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.
1) I am the daughter of a psychiatrist which means I grew up discussing mental illness at the dinner table.
2) I'm terrified of lightning though I love watching storms.
3) I once caught an alligator with a crab net.
4) I am most happy when running long distances on mountain trails in the Pacific Northwest.
5) Reading the book A DAY NO PIGS WOULD DIE was one of the precursors to my becoming a vegetarian at the age of 13. I was NOT going to eat my cat or dog (though come to think of it the dog was named "Cheerio")
6) I'm really good at turning non-runners into runners. You think you can resist me but...
7) One of the things on my life list is that I want to sing publicly sometime... and sound good.
8) When I was a teenager one of our family friends said about me "Alexa likes to throw out little bombs just to see what will happen." Maybe that's what writing is all about for me.
9) I have a terrible sense of my personal limits which means that I'm constantly getting bruised and injured because I'm not as tough as I think.
10) Writing is really torturous for me, and I am deeply suspicious (and jealous) of anyone who says they "love to write." I love "having written," which is an entirely different matter. I can't write in public places because if you actually saw the way I look while writing (rocking back and forth, biting my nails and lips, jouncing my legs, crying) you would want me locked away forever.
11) I think it's important to have dreams and goals but "who you are" matters way more to me than "what you do."
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