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Introducing: 2011 Debut Author Alex Epstein

 Name: Alex Epstein
Title: The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan le Fay
Publisher: Tradewinds
Pub date: October 1, 2011

Morgan Le Fay -- seducer of King Arthur, sorceress, destroyer of Britain -- was a girl once.

How does an exiled girl become a king’s nemesis? When Uter Penndragon uses Merlin’s magic to seduce her mother and murder her father, eight-year-old Morgan has to flee to Ireland to avoid being killed herself. But Ireland is no refuge. She’s captured in a slave raid and sold to a village witch. As Morgan comes of age, she discovers her own primal magic, fueled by vengeful rage. She escapes and finds passion with a young Irish chieftain. But will her drive for revenge destroy her one
chance for love and happiness?


Hmm, well, there are a few. I blog a great deal about screenwriting; and there’s a website promoting my screenwriting books, CRAFTY SCREENWRITING: WRITING MOVIES THAT GET MADE and CRAFTY TV WRITING: THINKING INSIDE THE BOX.

Theoretically I have a blog to promote this book, but I haven’t found myself posting there. I shall have to do that more.

What made you decide to be a writer?

I don’t think I ever decided to be a writer. I just wrote. Eventually they started being nice enough to pay me for it.

I wrote stories and poems in high school, then more stories in college. People kept telling me I had a visual imagination, so at a certain point it seemed like a good idea to write screenplays. For one thing, you can make a living writing screenplays. THE CIRCLE CAST is a labor of love; I couldn’t not write it. But most of my writing is for the screen.

Favorite books/authors?

Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN series, AMERICAN GODS and NEVERWHERE. Neil Stephenson’s SNOW CRASH, CRYPTONOMICON and the Baroque cycle.

Morning person or a night owl?

Parent of a six year old. Heh.

PC or Mac?

Evangelically Mac. Long ago when I was a computer science major, I had to use PCs, back in the dark days of DOS. I have never understood why people put up with the abuse.

What did you have for dinner today?

I'm just about to go to dinner. Good questions. Let's hope for pan-seared scallops.

Quick! Share 11 random things about yourself.

1) I can remember almost nothing from before I was 13. I don’t know why. I don’t think I had an acute trauma or anything.

2) When I was a teenager, I used to spend hours playing war games. With paper maps, and cardboard units, and dice. West Point tried to recruit me. I think I would have loved the Army. I’d be in Afghanistan right now. It’s a road not taken.

3) When I lived in California, I did a lot of spiritual searching. I went to Quaker meeting for a while. I was in a Wiccan circle for a while, but the rituals I imagined were always better than the rituals we did, and I almost never felt any power being raised. I had fun writing the rituals, though. Now I don’t do anything very spiritual at all, unless you count putting my daughter to bed, which I kind of do.

4) I met my wife when we were 16. Then we went off and married the wrong people. We got it right the second time around.

5) When I was younger, I was extremely poor at guessing what other people were feeling. I believe I probably had undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome. It still sometimes bites me in the ass. Sometimes, at a party, I run out of mana to talk to people, and I have to go and hide for ten minutes. Happens at my own parties, too.

6) In high school, I really wanted to be part of the in crowd. Many years later, I realize I probably was.

7) I used to be afraid of dying without having done anything important. Now I’m only afraid of dying before my kids can take care of themselves.

8) I believe in God, but there are a lot of compelling arguments that She doesn’t exist.

9) I find it hard to write with music on. I find it impossible to write with the TV on.

10) I have pursued a high risk life in a steadfast, kind of stolid way. I take very few risks, except for the really huge ones that could have been major disasters if they hadn't worked out. I would not advise anyone else to become a screenwriter, or insist on the first girl you fell in love with. Amazingly, it worked out.

11) I consider myself blessed.
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